Tuesday, January 14, 2014


That headline gave me fuzzy thoughts.  Obviously.

I'm not going to complain though.  We could be colder then Mars.  Oh wait...

In case you're wondering, the plans to move to the tropics aren't working out...still.

Okay I'll move on from complaining about the weather.  I just have a lot of feelings on the subject.

Because it's been so cold outside we've had a few cases of cabin fever.

When Mama starts rocking back and forth in front of the window - twitching - something needs to change.

I'm joking.

That didn't happen.

Lately that is.

We had a couple of extra days of Christmas vacation here because it was so cold that school was cancelled.

So at 4:30pm - because we do all things after nap time obviously - we packed up and drove into the city and went to the new indoor playground.

It took us 30mins longer to get there because of rush hour and there was only two other families there but it was soooo needed for my little people.

This guy was pretty pumped.  It was an extremely quiet and kidless Christmas vacation so he was really needing and deserving to get out.

When we first told the three year old we were going he wasn't feeling it.  He tends to get hesitant to suggestions of what he should do with his valuable time.

But then I showed him pictures.

Then life got really good!

To say the were GIVEN 'ER would be an understatement.
At the end when it was time to go.  And with beet red faces (some more then others) big brother grabbed little brother like this and started walking with him telling him it was time to go home.  
It was the bloody cutest thing one could ever see.  

On the random...

*This year's resolution theme is basic self care.  It's weird that needs to be a resolution but I can very easily do nothing for myself on a day to day basis.  Other then naps that is.  But that's for others too because Kristi goes CRAY CRAY if I don't get that rest in mid-day.  Getting my hair done, exercise, time alone, time with friends, dates with husband...all these things don't happen enough.  I can go weeks without leaving the house.  It's not good.  Not healthy.  It may have something to do with being colder than Mars.  Just sayin'.  Going to try to push myself anyway.

*I've been doing things I like more consistently.  Taking more photos, working on photo books, playing the guitar, writing in journals.  I've been needing that.  Someday I want to write a book.  Its been in my head since I was a wee young lass.  Hoping to grab some inspiration this year.

*I have pink in my hair.  It makes me oddly giddy sometimes.  Reminds me of when my Mom coloured my hair purple in third grade.  Because my Mom was cool like that.

*I've been watching Once Upon A Time on Netflix.  Man Snow White can kick some you know what!

*I watch way too much TV by the way.

*I actually love to watch way too much TV.  I started to get rid of some channels to save money.  And the next hour I got them back.   Meh...everyone has a thing.


Let the party begin... said...

Can I just say, for the record, I HATE winter! There, I said it AND it's not colder than Mars here. I have a bedroom in the basement that is always freezing and dark. It needs a makeover desperately but I cannot bring myself to even try because I feel like I'm in prison when I'm in there. So I spend my winters in front of my wood stove and watch too much tv. Yes, I love tv and Facebook and my iPad. I'm not even going to apologize for being the least bit productive during my least favourite season, lol! I am in semi-hibernation mode. I am 0 help to you Kristi. I don't even know how to encourage you except to say you are very brave in your support of your family by just being in a place colder than Mars. Here's to hoping for an early thawing miracle!

Tanya said...

Those boys are cute! And how did I not know that you have pink in your hair?! -xo-

Regan said...

I've been feeling the exact same craziness. Regan is going out of town this upcoming week too so I know I'm going to be even more batty. (I seem to internet shop more when that happens…..)
I can't believe its as cold as it is where you live!!!! MOVE TO ALBERTA.